Through experimentation with alternative materials, Rebecca produces a number a one-off pieces of jewellery to complement her existing ranges. Her one-off pieces are divided into the following categories:

Crows The initial stages of a new range of rings combining humour with elegant natural forms.

Lost & Found A project exploring the shape and material of objects found on the streets of Firenze, Italy.

Fun Materials used range from rubber and magnets to pipe-cleaners and felt to create a fun piece of jewellery that can be played with.

Materials Alternative materials such as titanium, aluminium and concrete have allowed Rebecca to experiment with different processes and techniques.

Smart Materials New smart materials allow the wearer to interact with their jewellery. This range of jewellery include pigments which allow the piece to change colour with heat or light, or to glow in the dark.

Pendants & Cufflinks includes experimental jewellery or pieces which are designed for specific exhibitions or occassions.

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